A journey in the Ancient Rome between luxury and beauty

Imagine yourself walking in the ancient part of the Eternal City, in the extraordinary plot of secular alleys, covered in “san pietrini” and foreshortenings of medieval buildings. This health club & spa, “Terme di Trastevere”, has been created, inspired by this particular frame; a place where you can come back to the past, dreaming in a total relax with “Leone d’Oro”, “Donna Lucilla” and many others rituals….

The ancients rituals as, wine, citrus, herbs baths, the seductive bath in the donkey milk, are several treatments you can receive, associating with the starry Calidarium or with a special massage in the Vichy Shower.

Relishing a spicy infusion you can breathe the harmony of the relax area, reliving the magical memory of this path.


“Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano”
“I bagni offrivano ai Romani quasi un compendio dei beni che rendono la vita felice e bella”

This is the originality of the health club & spa “Terme di Trastevere”, placed in the marvelous frame of Vicolo del Canale 28. The name has been created by the historical accuracy of the place and by the famous square of Piscinula, so named because of an ancient thermal resort with baths and pools.

“Terme di Trastevere” offers to the guests that physic culture associated with the deepest form of welfare. The ideal place to recover the inner harmony, far away from the chaotic daily reality.

Ancient (in its conception) and modern (in its evolution) are the perfect combination between an welcoming architecture and a refined and confidential atmosphere.